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Equipment BMA Lausanne

Which equipment is available at the Bio-molecular analysis platform in Lausanne? The BMA Lausanne specialized in FTIR is equipped with a Nicolet iN10 MX infrared imaging microscope and Nicolet iZ10 spectrometer (Thermo Scientific, www.thermo.com).



Our equipment allows us to record FTIR spectra of biological samples in transmission, reflection and total attenuated reflection (ATR) mode, using both microscope (M) and spectrometer (S) modules. The microspectrometer is equipped with 3 detectors:

- MCT/A (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride,Φ 0.25mm), nitrogen-cooled; M
- DTGS (Deuterated Triglycine Sulfate, Φ 0.25 mm); M+S
- imaging: 16 x MCT/A(Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride, Φ 80 μm), nitrogen-cooled; M

The set of additional tools include :
a) a microscope:
- ATR Imager (Simplex Scientific, LLC), single reflection mode on ZnSe or Germanium crystals
- ATR accessory (Thermo Nicolet), the Germanium Slide-on Micro-Tip accessory, with controlled force of pressure

b) a spectrometer:
- Micro Well Plate Accessory (Thermo Scientific), for the automatic acquisition of transmission spectra from multiple samples in an x, y array format such as standard 96-well plates
- ATR accessory (Thermo Nicolet) single reflection mode on ZnSe or Germanium crystals


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