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When and Where?
Thu, October 28, 2010 UNIL, Biophore Building
Mon, November 15 2010, UNIGE, Science III

Luca Wacker, SPSW, University of Basel
Aria Minder, Genetic Diversity Centre, ETH Zurich
Gaetan Glauser, Chemical Analytical Service, University of Neuchâtel
Markus Kaufmann, Bio-molecular Analysis Platform, University of Geneva
Sylwester Mazurek, Bio-molecular Analysis Platform, University of Lausanne



Sylwester Mazurek, BMA Lauanne, Gaétan Glauser, CAS Neuchâtel, Luca Wacker, SPSW Basel, Aria Minder, GDC Zurich, Markus Kaufmann, BMA Geneva

Meeting May 2010



Teresa Fitzpatrick and Yves Poirier - ALPS
Markus Kaufmann - BMA-Geneva Technology Platform
Sylwester Mazurek - BMA-Lausanne Technology Platform
Caroline Loutre - Co-ordinator ALPS
Luca Wacker - Co-ordinator SPSW

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