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After studying art history, German and English literature and linguistics for my BA and MA at the University of Lausanne, I obtained my secondary teaching degree from the Haute Ecole Pédagogique. I was fortunate to return to my alma mater in 2013, from which time I’ve been working as a doctoral assistant in medieval English literature. So when I’m not teaching Beowulf or Chaucer, I devote my time to a doctoral thesis on the collection of biblical drama known as the Towneley plays. More specifically, my research considers how characters and audience are made to witness and/or interact with varying forms of divine presence throughout this composite collection, and pay particular attention to the uses of proof and doubt. I ultimately wish to show how the plays in the mid-sixteenth-century Towneley manuscript attest of the complex religious context in which they were produced, collected, and copied. In no way strictly medieval or Roman Catholic, this collection bridges both periodical and confessional divides and makes it a very exciting corpus to study

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