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My academic life started in Minsk State Linguistics University where I received my BA and MA degrees and then worked at the departments of English and general linguistics. My Master thesis was in the area of sociolinguistics, a comparative study of minority language situations in Belarus and Sweden involving field work. Soon after its completion I received une bourse de la Confédération Suisse to conduct a similar research project in the Swiss canton of Grisons. Always tempted to enter the labyrinth of a qualitative inquiry, today I integrate this dimension in my current research by focusing on a multimodal text and its users. Within the framework of my PhD project supervised by Prof. Anita Auer I study political discourse in social media and its carnivalesque nature – “US President 2.0 or how netizens remix and redefine politics: from abstract pre-election discourse to its concrete textual organisation”. Inspired by digital practices in a media-saturated era, I view my analysis through the lenses of remix adopting eclectics and “bricolage” of methods, playing with different perspectives, fusing and juxtaposing theories, generating diverse interpretations in an attempt to describe the object.


Research interests: Internet meme, multimodality, remix culture, intertextuality, conceptual blending, "recycling" and "repackaging" politics in social media, Internet and humour, Internet and creativity.

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