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Mémoire de Maîtrise in English - MA Thesis in English

| Steps to follow | The proposal | Practical matters

Steps to follow

  • Discuss your chosen topic with the appropriate member of staff.
  • To write a mémoire you should have attended at least one, preferably two seminars in your chosen area (i.e. Linguistics, Medieval, Modern/American/Comparative Literature) during your studies (or see your intended supervisor).
  • Formulate a thesis and produce a proposal (see below) and have it accepted by the member of staff concerned.
  • You are welcome to discuss your project with any member of staff although the final proposal must be approved by the member of staff who will direct your mémoire.
  • Mémoire students are encouraged to attend the Mémoire Workshop, which meets throughout the year.
  • In cooperation with your mémoire director, you should submit a draft version of either the whole mémoire or of individual chapters as you go along for comments.
  • Submit the final version at least six weeks before the discussion de mémoire (viva).



The proposal

The proposal is a brief statement covering the following points:

1) Area and scope of study

  • Identification of subject-matter: period, author(s), work(s), theme, field of research in linguistics, etc.
  • Identification, for literature, of primary texts (including editions), or, for linguistics, of data collection or computer corpora, etc.
  • Brief annotated list of relevant secondary works (critical, historical,theoretical, methodological).


2) Critical intent

  • Statement of the argument or thesis, i.e. what is your point of view?
  • Statement of the method of argument, the kind of critical or theoretical approach.
  • As far as possible, a rough plan, chapter outline, list of subtopics and draft schedule.
  • The contribution your argument will make to the reader's knowledge or appreciation of the subject.


Practical matters


Mémoires in the Faculté des Lettres should be circa 100,000 signs long (i.e. approximately 50 pages medium spaced).



Be sure to check the Faculty deadlines for mémoires submissions.


Submission and discussion de mémoire (viva)

You should submit two copies of your mémoire to the Secrétariat des étudiants and one each to your director and expert.  You should also fill out the Discussion de mémoire form for the Secrétariat. The date of the discussion will be agreed upon between you and your director. The discussion is public.

The mémoire discussion form can be found following the link below

Front page style

The file below shows the style for the front page of your mémoire

memoirepage.pdf  (47 Ko)

Statement of intellectual property

You should append a statement of intellectual property in which you confirm and sign for the fact that the mémoire constitutes your own work and that none of its content is plagiarized. For a definition of plagiarism see the EDGE pp.26-7.


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