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English Department Mémoire Workshop

The workshop welcomes all students who are working on a mémoire in English or who are planning to begin their mémoire in the near future. Its aim is not to substitute for the mémoire director, but to provide a different perspective on the work and create a sense of togetherness with other students engaged in similar pursuits. The workshop will be based around themed meetings led by the organisers, where we will present and discuss common problems / challenges facing writers of mémoires in all disciplines in the English department, at all stages of the mémoire, e.g. defining a subject, research skills, defining terminology, bibliography, manuscript editing, and the defence. The meetings will also be an opportunity for mémorants to meet each other, discuss shared problems and to compare progress. The workshop will be based on the needs of the participants, and mémorants will be able to present work in progress if they choose.

As well as the workshop meetings, there is a virtual mémoire workshop on Moodle. If students want to join the Moodle Mémoire Workshop page, they should contact one of the organisers for the key.


Program 2014-2015

Autumn Topic
05 November 2014, 10–12 Defining a research topic and writing a proposal (Room 3128)
03 December 2014, 12–13 Research and reading (Room 3128)
Spring Topic
04 March 2015, 12-13 Research and writing & re-writing
06 May 2015, 12-13 The oral defense

For more information contact the organisers:

Mary Flannery, Marie-Emilie Walz or Marije van Hattum.



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Moodle Forum

Check out the online version of the memoire workshop at moodle.unil.ch. Access key available from the organisers.
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