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PhD in English




You can find all the information about doing a PhD at UNIL right here.

Publications by our current PhD candidates

Diana Denissen

“De meerstemmige auteur: Het auteurschap van Maria Bosch, Aagje Deken en Betje Wolff.” Vooys. Tijdschrift voor Letteren 32:1 (March 2014), 25-34.

Isis Giraldo

“‘Freakish Fat’, ‘Wretched Black’: Female Abject Beings in Contemporary Colombian Media and Culture.” Feminist Media Studies 15:4 (2015). Free limited access here.

“Machos y mujeres de armas tomar. Patriarcado y subjetividad femenina en la narco-telenovela colombiana contemporánea.” La manzana de la discordia 10:1 (2015), 67-81. Access here.

“Post-feminismo y performance en la televisión colombiana contemporánea.” Boca de Sapo 17 (2014), 16-20.

with Kirsten Stirling. Review of Barrie, Hook, and Peter Pan: Studies in Contemporary Myth: Estudios sobre un mito contemporáneo, ed. by Alfonso Muñoz Corcuera and Elisa T. Di Biase. Scottish Literary Review 5:2 (2013), 130-132.

Philip Lindholm

with Rachel Falconer. “John Keats.” In: Oxford Bibliographies in British and Irish Literature. Ed. Andrew Hadfield. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Camille Marshall

"Doubting the Middleman: Mediated Instruction and Divine Authority in the Towneley Mystery Plays." In: Drama and Pedagogy in Medieval and Early Modern England. SPELL 31. Ed. Elisabeth Dutton and James McBain. Tübingen: Narr, 2015. 53-70.

"Figuring the Dangers of the 'Greet Forneys': Chaucer and Gower’s Timely (Mis)Reporting of the Peasant Voice." Comitatus 46 (2015), 75-97. Restricted access here.

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