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Doctoral theses

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In progress

  • Johan Bergström-Allen, Communities of the Common Word: The Vernacular Literary & Bibliographic Activities of the Carmelite Order in Medieval England. Dir. Prof. Denis Renevey.
  • James Dawson, David Foster Wallace and Alienation. Dir. Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik.
  • Diana Denissen, The  Anchoress  Transformed: Late  Medieval Religiosity  in  a Middle  English Compilation  Culture. Dir. Prof. Denis Renevey.
  • Isis Giraldo, Contemporary Fantasies of the Colombian Nation: Beauty, Citizenship, and Sex. Dir. Prof. Valérie Cossy and Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik.
  • Kader Hegedüs, Donne's narrative of space: geographical, astronomical and spatial dimensions of John Donne's poetry. Dir. Kirsten Stirling.
  • Cécile Heim, Native American Crime Fiction. Dir. Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik.
  • Roxane Hughes, Foot-Binding in Chinese American Literature. Dir. Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik.
  • Philip Lindholm, Synaesthesia in Literature of the Romantic Period. Dir. Prof. Rachel Falconer.
  • Camille Marshall, Playing and Doubting the Godhead in the Towneley Scriptural Plays. Dir. Prof. Denis Renevey.
  • Rachel Nisbet, Navigating Doubled Terrain: Reading Rivers to Connect Literary and Geological Texts. Dir. Prof. Rachel Falconer.
  • Tino Oudesluijs, Language Variation and Change in Coventry (c. 1400-1700). Dir. Prof. Anita Auer.
  • Sonia Pernet, Space in the Sermons and Holy Sonnets of John Donne. Dir. Kirsten Stirling.
  • Alesia Rochat, Intertextuality as a text-constituting mechanism of Facebook posts in political discourse. Dir. Anita Auer.
  • Shruti Tyagi, Domesticity and Interiority in the Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop. Dir. Boris Vejdovsky.
  • Marie Emilie Walz, When The Faerie Queene Enters The Bloody Chamber: Comparing Edmund Spenser's and Angela Carter's Fiction. Dir. Prof. Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère.
  • Najat Zein, English in the expanding circle: the case of Morocco. Dir. Prof. Jürg Schwyter.




  • Alexandre Fachard, A critical edition of Joseph Conrad's "Because of the dollars" (Within the Tides, 1915). Dir. Neil Forsyth, 2009.
  • Juliette Vuille, Holy Harlots: Authority, Gender, and the Body in Medieval English Hagiography. Dir. Prof. Denis Renevey, 2013.
  • Joanne Chassot, Ghosts in Contemporary African Diasporic Literature: Re-visioning History, Memory and Identity. Dir. Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik, 2013.
  • Ashley Riggs, Thrice Upon a Time: Feminist Fairy-Tale Rewritings by Angela Carter and Emma Donoghue, and Their French Translations. Dir. Prof. Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère and Prof. Lance Hewson (ETI, Uni. Genève), 2014.



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