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International Symposium in Honour of Neil Forsyth, June 3rd 2009

The English department was honoured to host a conference celebrating the work of Neil Forsyth, who retired from the University of Lausanne in the summer of 2009. The conference featured five invited guest speakers: Gordon Campbell (University of Leicester), Adam Piette (University of Sheffield), Guillemette Bolens (University of Geneva), Ute Heidmann (University of Lausanne) and Indira Ghose (University of Fribourg).

Find the program and pictures below.

Neil Forsyth's own leçon d'honneur, "Give me your hands", can now be downloaded from I-tunes.

If you have I-tunes installed on your computer, click here to download the file directly.

If you do not have I-tunes or work on a Linux system, click here to download a simpler version of the file.

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