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Jürg Schwyter

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Broadcast English




Schwyter, Jürg, Dider Maillat and Christian Mair, eds. Broadcast English: Past, Present and Future. Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 33, Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 2008.





The Seeming and the Seen




Maeder, Beverly, Jürg Schwyter, Ilona Sigrist and Boris Vejdovsky, eds. The Seeming and the Seen: Essays in Modern Visual and Literary Culture. Bern: Peter Lang, 2006.




Taking their cue from the polymorphous relationship between word and image, the essays of this book explore how different media translate the world of phenomena into aesthetic, intellectual or sensual experience. They embrace the media of poetry, fiction, drama, engraving, painting, photography, film and advertising posters ranging from the early modern to the postmodern periods. At the heart of the volume lie essays on works that characteristically perform intriguing interactions between the verbal and visual modes. They discuss the manifold ways in which artists as different as William Blake or Gertrude Stein, Diane Arbus or Stanley Kubrick heighten the tension between the linguistic and the seen. Taken both individually and collectively, this volume's contributions illuminate the problematics of how readers and spectators/lookers transform verbal and visual representation into worlds of seeming.


 ISBN 9783039109975


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Le Slipping




Schwyter, Jürg, Erich Poppe and Sandrine Onillon, eds. Le slipping dans les langues médiévales. Cahiers de l'ILSL 18, Lausanne: Université de Lausanne, 2005.


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Can be read online here.



Old English Legal Language




Schwyter, Jurg. Old English Legal Language: The Lexical Field of Theft. Odense: Odense University Press, 1996.


 ISBN 8778381940

Re-published by John Benjamins Publishing Company (9788778381941).





Jürg Schwyter


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