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Study abroad

Students in the English department are encouraged to spend some time in an English-speaking country in order to improve their English. The most usual way of doing this is to participate in an exchange programme, spending one year of your studies in an English-speaking university and collecting credits from the courses studied there.


For all the BA and MA students who would like to study abroad, the English Department is organizing an information meeting in October 2020 (date to be confirmed).

Exchange places in the UK and Ireland

These places are based on exchange agreements between the English department at Lausanne and the English departments of our partner universities. Your exchange will be primarily to study English. You may be able to attend courses and gain credits in other subjects, but this must be arranged on an individual basis.

Click on the university name in the list below to visit their English department homepage.

English Section exchanges Places available
Aberdeen 2
East Anglia, Norwich 2
Southampton 2
Trinity College, Dublin 2
Wales, Bangor 2
York 2
SEMP Faculty exchanges Places available Information
Kent, Canterbury 3 more info
Lancaster 2 more info
Sheffield 2 more info

If you are interested in applying for one of these exchange places, you should complete the “Swiss-European Mobility Programme” form (link below) and return it and a letter of motivation to Kirsten Stirling by 20.2.2020.

In your letter of motivation please indicate the names of two members of staff who know you and your work.

You can download the form here.

This is the form to apply for the SEMP exchanges listed above. For all other exchanges CHECK the information given on the International office database of exchanges to make sure you are using the correct application form

Should you have any questions about the UK exchanges, you can contact Kirsten Stirling.


Exchanges with the American Studies Center at the University of Warsaw

We have just established an exchange program at the BA & MA level with the American Studies Center at the University of Warsaw. If you are interested in studying American culture (including history, philosophy, social theory, political thought and other subjects that we don’t offer at Lausanne), please ask Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet about it. This would be especially recommended for MA students interested in the SPEC program in New American Studies.

Information on the UNIL mobility database website

Deadline for applications 20.02.2020


Exchange places available to all UNIL students

This service handles many more exchange places. These are run on a university-wide basis, so if you apply for them you will be competing with students from other faculties in the university. There is a wider range of English-speaking countries available through the Relations internationales, including places in the United States. Click on the university name in the list below to vist the departmental home pages of English departments in universities in English-speaking countries with exchange places available for Lettres students.

For advice on North American universities, particularly on those included in the ISEP program, please contact Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet.

You can also search the Relations internationales database to find possible destinations, and further information about individual exchanges (amount of bourse, etc., and the name of the person to contact for further information).

Deadline for applications for the United States and Canada: 01.12.2019 - but check information for individual exchanges. 

The result of the TOEFL exam must be included with your application, so apply to take this test as soon as possible. See


The deadlines for Britain and other exchanges vary. For precise dates and contact information visit the Relations internationales or consult their website.

Zdenek and Michaela Bakala Foundation Scholarships


The Zdenek and Michaela Bakala Foundation, Geneva, gives outstanding students from UNIL, UNIGE, and EPFL, the opportunity to study or do research in top ranked universities, mainly in the United States and United Kingdom, as for example Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Yale, etc... 

Deadline for applications (in order to start Autumn 2020): 31 January 2020.

For more information: 

UNIL website on the Zdenek and Michaela Bakala Foundation


Berrow scholarships

Visit the Berrow scholarship website for more information about this fully-funded opportunity for Swiss students to pursue an MA or PhD at Oxford University. For more information, you may also contact Prof. Denis Renevey and Dr. Juliette Vuille.


Teaching abroad

Programme d'assistants de langue (PAL) in Great Britain

This offers Swiss students an opportunity to teach their native language (French or German) for one year in a British secondary school.

Information and application forms (in French for French language assistants and in German for German language assistants) can be downloaded from this page.


Deadline for application: 20.01.2020. (N.B. In your dossier you must include a health certificate and confirmation that your casier judiciaire is clean, so start preparing as soon as possible.)

For all questions about the programme, please contact Movetia directly ( or see the website.

NB This application process works for Swiss nationals only. If you are a national of another country and would like to participate in this scheme, you will have to contact the relevant agency in your own country. See the British Council site for details.

As a general rule, this programme applies to students whose native language is French or German who have attended a university for four semesters or more.


Teaching assistantships in the USA

The Amity Institute provides many openings to teach your native language (French, German or Italian) in an American school for one year. It's a great opportunity to learn teaching techniques.

Applications are accepted throughout the whole year.

Further information and application forms from Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet


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