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First year students - marche à suivre (for 2005 BA)

In your first semester of first year English, Discipline de base students will have six and a half hours per week of English courses:

Introduction to English Language and Linguistics lecture course (1h)

English Literature Survey lecture course (1h)


Introduction to English Language and Linguistics workshop (1h every second week)

Introduction to Literary Analysis seminar (2h)

English Composition workshop (2h)


Marche à suivre:

Discipline de base students should follow all the instructions below.

Discipline complémentaire students of English should follow all the instructions EXCEPT those relating to Introduction to English Language and Linguistics - you will take this course in your second year.

SSP students taking English as a mineure should follow the same instructions as Discipline de base students.  

Week 1 - 16-20 September 2013

Attend Information Meeting, Wednesday 18 September 2013, Grange de Dorigny, 8.30-9.15 AM

The slides from the information session are now available here.


Take the Oxford Quick Placement test to determine your level of English.

All first year English Students are asked to take a brief test to self-assess their level of English, the Oxford English Placement Test. This is not a formal 'admissions test', and the results are indicative only, to give you and us a rough idea of where you stand with your level of English. You MUST however take the test in your first week. The tests will take place on Wednesday September 18 between 15 and 18, Thursday 19 September between 12 and 18, and on Friday 20 September between 12 and 18 in Room 1015 (anthropole). The test takes about 30-45 minutes, and you can simply turn up and take the test as soon as a seat becomes available.



Week 2 - 23-27 september 2013

Beginning of classes.

For English Composition and Introduction to Literary Analysis, make sure to go to the class you signed up for.




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