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Prayer from Taizé

Four opportunities to meet and pray.

At UNIL, Grange de Dorigny

Every Tuesday at 12:15, in the little room of the Grange de Dorigny.

Practical information    
Where:  At UNIL, Little room of the Grange de Dorigny 
When:  Every Tuesday during semester at 12:15 

At EPFL, the Géode

Every Thursday during semester at 12:15, at EPFL, "La Géode".

Practical information    
Where:  EPFL, "La Géode" 
When:  Every Thursday during semester at 12:15pm 

At "Saint-Laurent" Church, in the centre of Lausanne

The last Sunday of the month at 7:00pm at the "Saint Laurent" Church , in the centre of Lausanne.

Prayer Day, Sunday 3th November at the Lausanne Cathedral, from noon

A time for singing, silence and reflection.

For more information, please refer to the web page of "la prière de St. Laurent"

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