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Francois Biollaz

First-steps project:


Master thesis:

Coevolutionary history of Myotis punicus and its ectoparasite Spinturnix sp. in the Mediterranean area

Publications related to this master:

- Biollaz F., Bruyndonckx N., Beuneux G., Mucedda M., Goudet J., Christe P., 2010. Genetic isolation of insular populations of the Maghrebian bat, Myotis punicus, in the Mediterranean Basin. Journal of Biogeography . In press.

- Devevey G., Niculita H., Biollaz F., Candice Y., Chapuisat M., Christe P., 2008. The developmental, metabolic and immunological cost of flea infestation in voles. Functional Ecology 22(6), 1091-1098

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