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Ludovic Dutoit

First-steps project:

Phylogeography of the genus Erebia, a group of alpine butterflies.

Supervisor(s): Antoine Guisan / Loïc Pellissier

Master thesis:

Population genetics of bats and their parasites: a molecular and bio-informatic investigation.

Supervisor(s): Jérôme Goudet / Philippe Christe



Witsenburg, F., Clément, L., López-Baucells, A., Palmeirim, J., Pavlinić I., Scaravelli D., M. Ševčík M., Dutoit, L., Salamin, N., Goudet, J. and Christe P. 2015 How a haemosporidian parasite of bats gets around: the genetic structure of a parasite, vector and host compared. Molecular Ecology, 24, 926-940.



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