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1. Semester

  Obligatory courses

  Optional courses

  Optional field course(s)


 "First-steps" research project

2. Semester

  Optional courses

  Optional field course(s)


 Master theses

3. Semester   Seminars


General information

Start:              Beginning of autumn semester, i.e. around mid September
Duration:        Three semesters of 30 ETCS credits each
Languages:     Lectures are in English or English/French (i.e. French only if all students master
                       the French language), all student talks and reports are in English
Assessment:   Continuous; written and oral examinations, reports, presentations

As a Master BEC student you will be doing research during all three semesters. In parallel, you will be following various kinds of courses and seminars. Some obligatory courses will teach you basic methods. The other courses are optional, i.e. you largely decide about your own program.



Career opportunities 
Academic research 
Museums and conservation 
Federal research stations 
Federal offices 
Public services for environmental protection 
Non-governmental organisations for environmental protection 
Private agencies in applied ecology 
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