Audrey Megali

First-steps project:

Mortality of male brood in single-queen colonies of invasive fire ants
Supervisor(s): Michiel Dijkstra


Master thesis:

Diseases in the dark: detection of haemosporidia and lyssavirus in temperate zone bats
Supervisor(s): Philippe Christe

Publications related to this master:

- Megali A., Yannic G., Christe P., 2010. Disease in the dark: molecular characterization of Polychromophilus murinus in temperate zone bats revealed a worldwide distribution of this malaria-like disease. Molecular Ecology (in press)

- Megali A., Yannic G., Zahno M.L., Brügger D., Bertoni G., Christe P., Zanoni R., 2010. Surveillance for European bat lyssavirus in Swiss bats. Archives of Virology 155(10), 1655-1662.


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