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Finding a job

Employment Service

Service du travail de l'UNIL
(Affaires socio-culturelles)
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 10:00 am-2:00 pm
Tel. 021 692 21 21

Job announcements on the Intranet website of UNIL
Matriculation number requested

Students with B or L permits who wish to work must fulfill the following conditions

- they must have a valid residence permit
- they may work only after residing in Switzerland for 6 months (except for CE and AELE students)
- they may work no more than 15 hrs/week during term time, and full-time only during the holidays (max. 3 months)
- their academic course load must be normal
- their employer must fill out an official request form (demande de main d'oeuvre étrangère), to be passed on to the Office of Socio-cultural Affairs
- they are not authorized to seek work through a temporary employment agency (CE and AELE students are allowed)


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