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The institute

The Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology (Prof. N. Mermod) belongs to the Institute of Biotechnology of the University of Lausanne. Together with the Laboratory of Cellular Biotechnology from the Swiss Institute of Technology (Prof. F. Wurm, EPFL), it is located at the Center of Biotechnology UNIL-EPFL, on the EPFL campus.

The Laboratory possesses an expertise in gene expression and regulation, and it uses molecular and cell biology techniques, genetic engineering and genomics.

The Laboratory performs translational research addressing both basic research and applied questions, ranging from the genomics of mammalian cells and organisms, to the expression of high value recombinant proteins for therapeutic use, or in the context of gene therapy.


The laboratory is also involved in technology transfer, with the filing and valorization of many patents, and with the creation of biotech start-up companies such as Selexis SA.



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