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Ultrasound Imaging

Cardiac dimensions and function | Pulse-wave Doppler | Other modalities

Cardiac dimensions and function

The platform has a high frequency ultrasound machine (Vevo 2100) specifically manufactured for use in mice and rats. This system was developed by VisualSonics in Toronto, Canada. The probes range from 30 to 80 MHz with very shallow focal lengths, allowing excellent visualization (around 30 microns). In particular, the analyses of cardiac dimensions (wall thickness, chamber width, etc.) along with cardiac function (ejection fraction, fractional shortening) can be rapidly obtained. All non-invasive transthoracic cardiac ultrasound in performed under light general isoflurane anesthesia.

la video.jpg M-mode.jpg
Long axis view of a mouse heart          M-Mode measurements


Long axis view of a mouse heart


Pulse-wave Doppler

Pulsed-Wave Doppler Mode allows us to quantify the flow through the mitral or tricuspid valve
Tissue Doppler Mode allows us to track the motion of tissue, as mitral annulus

mitral flow.jpg
Mitral Flow Mitral Annulus Velocity



Other modalities

Visualization of embryos in utero, neonatal echography, abdominal ultrasound, and tumor analysis. The system is also equipped with Power Doppler technology and 3D analysis.

Tumor surrounding an adrenal gland Three-dimensional view of a tumor (blue) into a kidney (red)



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