In Vivo ECG Recordings and Analysis

Electrocardiograms (ECGs) can be easily obtained from both mice and rats under light general isoflurane anesthesia. ECG electrodes are attached to the paws and connected to a standardized 6-lead ECG amplifier module (EMKA Technologies) which includes high- and low-pass filters. Signals are digitized continuously and recorded with the IOX data acquisition system (EMKA Technologies).
ECGAuto software (EMKA Technologies) is used to analyze the data. This software allows both qualitative analysis (disturbance of the cardiac rhythm) and quantitative analysis (interval duration and wave surfaces) of the electrical complexes recorded.

ECG mouse record.bmp ECG analysis.bmp
Mouse ECG recording with IOX (6-lead ECG) Mouse ECG analysis with ECGAuto



Telemetry device

This method allows for long term ECG measurement and analysis in the awake, conscious animal after surgery.


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