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Gallery of ultrasound images

Abdominal ultrasound | Cardiovascular ultrasound | Oncology | Development

Abdominal ultrasound

Vena cava and adrenal gland Adrenal gland and left kidney Left kidney and spleen Kidney, abdominal aorta and adrenal gland 
Hepatic vein renal artery and vein left kidney and spleen moving intestins


Cardiovascular ultrasound

Mouse heart in long axis Short axis view of mouse heart Aortic arch Aortic arch with bifurcations
M-mode M-mode measurements Mitral flow Tricuspid flow
Aortic flow Pulmonary artery flow Mitral annulus tissue doppler Tissue doppler measurements



Mammary tumor Tumor surrounding adrenal gland 3D view of a tumor Power Doppler evaluation of tumor angiogenesis
colon tumor left kidney with tumor and spleen



New-born mouse brain Mouse embryo (ED18) Embryonic mouse heart mouse embryo with paw
mouse embryo with beating heart vertebra of mouse embryo Mouse embryo beating heart and paw Color Doppler of embryonic heart


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