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Campus Plus Attitude


Living well on campus... with a smile

The Campus Plus label offers a friendly reminder to everyone that through simple actions they can make the UNIL campus more pleasant and more user-friendly.


  • return your dirty dishes and trays to the trolley provided for this purpose in the cafeteria,
  • sort and discard your waste as you leave auditoriums,
  • take paper to the waste collection points in the basement of buildings,
  • call the building concierge for waste you don’t know what to do with,
  • use an ashtray rather than the lawns to stub out your cigarettes...


  • don’t switch a light on unless you need to,
  • switch off lights, beamers, computers, printers and other equipment when leaving offices or lecture rooms,
  • in summer, open windows in the morning and the evening, but not when the sun is at its hottest...


  • if possible, use public transport rather than a car to come to the campus,
  • walk to the Sports Centre rather than driving there,
  • use a bike, weather permitting...

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Origin and objectives of the Campus Plus label


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