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A step further

The Campus Plus label reflects the determination of the UNIL to strengthen user-friendliness and environmental-friendliness throughout the campus, a policy that has been in place for more than 20 years. Under the direction of Unibat, the buildings and works service, the University of Lausanne sorts its waste, optimises its energy consumption, maintains its green spaces with respect for nature, etc.

Launched in September 2008, the Campus Plus label aims to involve all campus users without exception in the effort to reduce the UNIL’s impact on its environment. It seeks to unify under a single banner all projects that contribute to the institution’s development and visibility. The objective is to make the site even more user-friendly and even greener.


All responsible

Depicting a friendly smiley face (inspired by the recycling symbol) set against a meadow, a blue sky and butterflies, the Campus Plus label is omnipresent in auditoriums, cafeterias and the entrances to buildings. More concretely, the UNIL encourages members of the community to sort and discard their waste, to save water and energy, to get around using non-motorised transport, to consume local produce, in short to care for their environment.


Awareness-raising campaigns

 The first campaign under the aegis of Campus Plus aimed to focus the attention of users on the need to keep the site clean and show respect for the environment. The Campus Plus label is therefore prominently displayed on the campus: on notice boards, on switches with the words “A click for the environment”, as well as on bins, containers, kitchen trolleys, etc.

In addition, to remind users of the need to adopt the Campus Plus attitude, actors from the theatrical company Caméléon improvised typical scenes at lunchtimes in different cafeterias. This initiative, which took place throughout September 2008, showed that respect is the key to living together harmoniously.

These awareness-raising campaigns reflect the determination of the UNIL Rectorate and political authorities to encourage the entire university community to adopt the rational use of natural resources in their day-to-day activities.


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