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Immunology Course

Summer course in IMMUNOLOGY

4th to 8th of September 2017, Room B301, Epalinges, organized by Prof. Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier (DB-UNIL)

Formal lectures are held in Epalinges in Room B301, in English. The schedule of the course will be provided by the programme and on the UNIL portal:   


FORMAT: One week each, practicals included
(ECTS : 4, NB: in these 4 credits 2 are tutorials)  
→ These  are intensive  courses,  intended  for  PhD  and  MD  students
→ Formal lectures are held in Epalinges in Room B301, in English.
→ Attendance to the seminar is considered part of the course and is therefore mandatory. A sign-up sheet will be circulated each week; it is the student's responsibility to ensure that they sign it as proof of attendance.
Students are expected to attend all the sessions , they should notify in advance the organizers of the reason of their absence. A student, who misses more than one session will be considered to have failed the course.

Total hours = 8 hours daily (40h), 30 hours of reading, 20 hours of preparation, 20 hours of writing
Number of credits: 4 ECTS
Maximum number of participants: 25

This is  an  intensive  course  in  immunology,  intended  for  PhD  and  MD  students,  who  wish  to  expand  and  update  their understanding  in  the  biology  of  the  immune  system and  its  role  in  health  and  disease.  Attendees will need  to  have  an understanding  of the principles  of immunology.  To this aim, they will have free access to immunology on line
and they are strongly encouraged to use it prior the beginning of the course, and the included quiz has to be taken before the beginning to the course (mandatory).

Students are expected:
A) To read articles and support material provided by all teachers in the course.
B) The students will be given five main subjects all included in the global design of a vaccine. Groups of 4 students will work together and each of them contribute to the oral and written part of their project.
An intermediate session will be held to monitor progresses. This year thematic will be indicated in the programme (not yet available).
C) As a final exam, students will give their presentation orally and be prepared to answer all questions related to the content of their part as well as of the course. The presentation should be submitted in written form (Powerpoint) to the organizers.

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