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General information: Application, Admission and Acceptance procedures



Document attached to be used by the 3 referees.

Prerequisites for being accepted in our program

  • M.D. degree, or
  • Master degree or equivalent in a relevant area of study such as medicine, biology, immunology....
  • Good abilities in understanding, reading and communicating in English

        (For applying, please see the application file at the bottom of this page)

Two application tracks are possible:

  • Track 1: Students are invited to apply throughout the year, sending a complete application directly to the PI with a copy to the PhD Program administrator:
  • Track 2: Twice a year, before the deadlines specified below, students are invited to apply for a more general selection procedure, completed the enclosed application form.



Admission Policy and Procedure

Track 1. Admission to the program is a two-step process, with the second step shared with Track 2. Preliminary decisions are made by the PI who has been contacted directly by the interested student, followed by a personal interview and evaluation by a preliminary admission committee. The selected student can then join the PI’s laboratory as trainee student. Within 6 months of beginning of work, the student must pass the second selection step, described further below, to be formally enrolled in the PhD program.

Track 2. Admission to the program is a two-step process on a competitive basis. Initial decisions are made by an Admission Committee after review of applications and possible skype interviews. This will be followed by an invitation of the selected candidates to participate in person to the selection meeting. This second step (shared with Track1) involves a 2 day visit, with an oral presentation and personal interviews.

Application procedure

Please read the instructions carefully before applying to check whether you are eligible. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application period (Track 2)

Please use the application form provided below. The completed form must be written in English and can be sent by email to the administration office (  for the application procedure.


Selection/interview of the candidates:

Acceptance procedure

After his admission, the candidate must start the PhD within a period of 6 months.

The PhD student, who is part of the program Cancer and Immunology/University of Lausanne, must refer from the start to the PhD office in Epalinges, for immatriculation, courses and credits, half-thesis, up to the end of the four years. This means, that within the first week the PhD student presents herself/himself to the PhD program administration office in Epalinges (Mrs Françoise Flejszman, Department of Biochemistry) and receives information about the requirements for students enrolled in the program. The student and his supervisor sign a form declaring that they accept the specific rules of the program. This form needs to be handed to the PhD program administrator in Epalinges within the first month. The students themselves are responsible to fulfill the requirements of the program in time. As a guidance, a timeline is published on the website along with the necessary forms and information.

-Within the first month, the student chooses a PhD program representative according to the UNIL guidelines, who will follow her/his progress during her/his thesis.

Registration procedure at UNIL when you start your phD

When you start your PhD, you have been accepted in one of our laboratories, after passing the interview/selection process organized by the Phd Program. You need to start the matriculation process at the Unil-IMMAT office, before the following dates:

Autumn semester 2014/15: before 31 July 2014
Spring semester 2015: before 30 November 2014

This procedure is done on line. Please follow the steps on HOW TO ENROLL AT UNIL
- with a Swiss university degree : click    
- with a foreign university degree: 

In parallel, you have to start your enrolment in our Phd program:  you are requested to fill out this form with your thesis director that will sign. Then give it/send it to our Phd administrator (Mrs Flejszman) in Epalinges. She will transmit it to the Admission office at UNIL
Autum semester 2014/15: before 15 October 2014
Spring semester 2015: before 28 February 2015

NB: If the application is sent after the deadlines, the registration will be postponed to the next semester (or, in case the late application is accepted, the prospective student will have to pay an extra of CHF 200.-).  For more info

Please note that you will be requested by the IMMAT office to pay 200 CHF at the beginning of your PhD, plus 80 CHF at the beginning of each semester.

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