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PhD positions

Research Groups with Potential PhD Positions

The name of possible thesis directors can be found in the list of participating laboratories on our website: www.unil.ch/cancer-immunology/page55876.html.

For students interested in applying through the Track 2 procedure, they are encouraged to make a list of up to 5 choices, with the understanding that not all laboratories have open positions at a given time, and they may be considered  by other faculty members with similar interests.

NB: For students who will apply to the spring selection 2016: All the applications have to be sent to the PhD Administration Office (francoise.flejszman@unil.ch) before 30 November, not to the professors.

(Applications deadline: 30 Nov. 2015 - Interviews : 25 Jan. 2016)

Prof. Daniel Speiser/Dr. Gregory Verdeil:
Understanding and preventing T cell exhaustion during tumor development

Prof. Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier:
Immune response to Leishmania infection.
Role of Notch signaling in immune response to infection"

Prof. Gian-Paolo Dotto:
Epithelial cell differentiation

Prof. Monika Hegi:
Epigenetic alterations in glioma, predictive factors, molecular mechanisms, and new target identification

Prof. David Gfeller:
Computational investigation of tumour infiltrating immune cell types.

Prof. Michel Gilliet:
Role of antimicrobial peptides in sensing self-nucleic acids

Prof. Dela Golshayan:
T- and B-cell effector responses after solid organ transplantation

Dr. Liliane Michalik:
Transcriptional control of tissue repair and carcinogenesis







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