Frequently Asked Questions


When I try to sign up online, the programme asks me to identify myself: how do I do this? I can’t sign up online – what must I do?

You need to use your UNIL email account username and password to sign up online.

Every member of the UNIL community has an “identity” which gives them access to a number of services. The Centre de langues uses this system to end information to course participants (confirmations, room changes, teacher absences, etc.).

If you have not yet activated your email, or if you have forgotten your password, please contact the Helpdesk of the Centre informatique (021 692 22 11).

If your status allows you to follow a Centre de langues module (people who can follow our modules) BUT you don’t have a UNIL email address


At what times are the modules? Do they run for the whole semester? Can I join a group in the middle of a semester?

Timetables are fixed at the start of semester according to the availability of people who have signed up for it; they are posted outside the Centre de langues.

It is not available on internet; your level needs to be assessed (through a placement test and various questions) before we can place you in a group. You can check your personal data here or from the Centre de langue homepage.

Centre de langues modules run for one whole semester (except for intensive modules and certain specific modules).

You cannot sign up after the registration deadline. If you signed up but were not placed in a group, you can try contacting the Centre de langues Reception during the first 2 weeks of the module.

Can I sign up to several language modules or join several groups at once?

We want to offer our modules to as many people as possible, which is why we limit the number of pre-inscriptions  to 3, and the number of groups you can join in one semester to 2. We also do not normally allow people to follow 2 modules in the same language.

You can therefore only sign up for one module per language (for the semester modules). However, if you are not placed in a group, contact us immediately and we will see whether there are other possibilities open to you (a different kind of module, another time slot, etc.)

Why can’t I sign up for 2 modules in the same language?

You can only sign up for one module per language (for the semester modules).

However, if you have not been placed in the group you wanted, contact us immediately and we will see whether there are other possibilities open to you (a different kind of module, another time slot, etc.)

Exams: 1) Can I sign up directly for an exam, and how should I go about doing so? 2) Is the Centre de langues a centre for external exams? 3) Is just one semester enough preparation for an exam?

The Centre de langues offers exam preparation modules for the most asked-for exams but will not enrol you for them: you can enrol yourself (with or without following a preparation course) at the following addresses:

German In Switzerland
Goethe Institut
Goethe Zertifikat various levels
Exam center (situated in UNIL)
Spanish In Switzerland
Cervantes Institut
Examens DELE
Consejeria de Educacion
Italian In Switzerland
Università per Stranieri di Perugia
CELI various levels
CPSI - Centro Pro Scuola Italiano
Where can I find a second-hand course book for my language module? Where can I sell my course book?

We suggest the following site:

I’d like to evaluate my language level out of personal interest / I need someone to evaluate my language level for an exchange programme. I need to take an ISEP test at the Centre de langues.

The Centre de langues does not offer level placement tests – but various websites will allow you to do so.

However, if you need proof of level for an exchange programme (the ISEP – “International Student Exchange Program” – test), please contact the Centre de langues Reception for information (open from 10h00 to 12h30 during the semester).

I’m not allowed to follow a Centre de langues module. Can you recommend a school?

The Centre de langues can’t recommend a private school. If you do not have access to our modules, we suggest you contact the following institutions in the Lausanne district:

The Lausanne Open University

The Vaud Private School Association


I want to learn French. How can I learn a language that isn’t taught at the Centre de langues?

There are several possibilities at UNIL to learn French or other languages:

bullet_carre.gifAnother way of learning languages

French courses during the summer holidays
Holiday courses

For French courses at the Université de Lausanne
For French lessons while studying other subjects
(members of the UNIL community)

School of French as a Foreign Language

Continue to study French through distance learning


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