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What are programmes of specialisation?

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What are programmes of specialisation?

Programmes of specialisation are 30 ECTS credits study plans. By adding a programme of specialisation to the 90 ECTS credits of the Master degree in Arts, students will obtain a university master degree in Arts with specialisation (120 ECTS credits).

These interdisciplinary programmes offer students the possibility to deepen their knowledge in a specific field and to gain first professional or research experience. They allow students to become familiar with activities and techniques associated to the research of the teachers of the Faculty of Arts.

Most of these programmes are structured upon modular courses and activities related to the field, such as internships, participation in scientific colloquia, writing articles, creating exhibitions, critical editing of texts, etc.


These programmes are offered to:

UNIL students in the Licence system or following a master programme.

Former UNIL students in the Licence sytem.

Students from other universities who have obtained a Licence ès Arts or a Master of Arts degree may apply to the Décanat to register for the programme of specialisation of 30 ECTS credits as a complement to their previous studies. The registration deadline is 30 November 2008 for entry in the Spring semester 2009.  


Plans of studies

N.B.: Certain programmes of specialisation are open to all students while others are reserved for students who study certain disciplines or combinations of disciplines. More information is available by following the links to each of the programmes below.
Programme of specialisation Plan
Didactic and pedagogical training in Italian as a first language "Alta Scuola Pedagogica (ASP/TI)" ***  SPEC
History of regional art SPEC
Theories and Practices of Cinema SPEC
Writing, translating, publishing in Sciences in Antiquity  SPEC
Comparative european languages and literatures  SPEC
Swiss Literatures SPEC
Communication and Culture from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of Modern Times SPEC
Historical sciences of Culture SPEC
History of the Book and critical editing of texts SPEC

*** For more information concerning this programme of specialisation, please refer to the Italian section.


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Programme of specialisation

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