Welcome to the Center for Medieval and Post-Medieval Studies!

The Centre for Medieval and Post-Medieval Studies (CEMEP) at the University of Lausanne brings together doctoral students, researchers, and professors in the Faculty of Arts working on the Middle Ages. Its mission is to promote interdisciplinary research on the civilisation of Western Europe and the Mediterranean between 500 and 1500. A special programme of study for master and doctoral students organised by the Centre focuses upon the end of the Middle Ages, and explores the appropriation, transformation and adaptation of certain aspects of this civilisation in more recent times. The members of the CEMEP are the teachers and researchers of medieval from the departments of German, English, French, History, Art History, Italian and Philosophy.


Programme of specialisation

The CEMEP provides interdisciplinary teaching at the master and doctoral level. The CEMEP is responsible for the coordination and organisation of a programme of specialisation called Communication and Culture from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of Modern Times, aimed at students who wish to further their knowledge of medieval civilization. In the framework of a public course, workshops, seminars, and an annual colloquium, students will benefit from working with international scholars. In addition, students will have the possibility to undertake individual research projects.


Annual Colloquium

The annual colloquium, one of many events organized by the CEMEP, takes up the theme of the general core course, which is at the core of the programme of specialisation: Communication and Culture from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of Modern Times. Students following the programme of specialisation will actively participate in this colloquium.


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