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Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration

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Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration
University of Lausanne
UNIL - Dorigny
Internef - office 415
CH-1015 Lausanne


Phone: ++41 (0)21 692 2750
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Description, aims and objectives

Law may be defined as the art of pursuing justice in the service of the individual and society. It may thus be understood as the set of rules of conduct decreed or accepted by public authorities with a view to organizing the coexistence of human groups and the guarantee of liberties.

Although the legal system in force in a given country constitutes the main frame of reference for law studies, the law does not exist in isolation in any of its dimensions. Indeed any legal system is profoundly marked by the history, politics and economy of the society it seeks to govern, as well as by its exchanges with other legal systems.

The courses taught in the Faculty take all these contexts into account and allow students to acquire not only a sense of moderation and balance, but also knowledge of positive law and critical and analytical capabilities essential for the practice of any legal profession. They provide training in logical reasoning and precision of expression. Moreover, the Faculty adds a practical dimension to its teaching through cooperation with members of the bar, entrusting some courses or seminars to practising lawyers and notaries.

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Masters of Advanced Studies


° programme taught in English

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The Faculty's Major Assets...

> an interdisciplinary context: the Faculty is unique in Switzerland in combining such apparently varied fields of study as law, forensic science, criminology and, from 1st January 2014, public administration

> personalised supervision of students through the organization of practical work in small groups

> emphasis on International, European and Comparative Law, as well as foreign legislations

> a marked interest in legal culture and theory: Roman Law, History and Philosophy of Law

> a strong focus on innovative fields: Environmental Law, Telecommunications Law, Master of Law in Criminality and Security of New Technologies

> strong support for doctoral research (around a hundred doctoral students, around 15 theses per year)

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