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Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions (FTSR)

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Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions
University of Lausanne
UNIL - Dorigny
Anthropole - office 2018
CH-1015 Lausanne


Phone: ++41 (0)21 692 2700
Fax: ++41 (0)21 692 2705

Description, aims and objectives

The Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions of the University of Lausanne offers two study paths: Theology and Religious Studies. The first is organised jointly by the Universities Geneva and Lausanne, while the second adopts an interdisciplinary approach between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lausanne.

The main aim of studies is to develop precise and critical knowledge:

Theology: basic texts of Christianity, the Christian tradition (Protestant), as well as different historical currents and contemporary expressions of Christianity; knowledge of Christianity and its history necessarily implies a knowledge of other religions, both monotheistic and polytheistic.

Sciences of Religions: the phenomenon of religion in general, major religious traditions in particular (Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc), as well as more marginal religious currents or other reconstructions. The methods employed are mainly those of social sciences as comparative history, anthropology and sociology.

Degrees awarded

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The Faculty’s Major Assets...

> close collaboration with other Faculties of Theology in Switzerland and Europe, which allows students to benefit from an important network of experts;

> the only French-speaking Swiss faculty offering a Bachelor's degree in the Study of Religions with 180 credits;

> the presence of three research institutes:

• the French-speaking Swiss Institute of Biblical Sciences (IRSB), active in research and advanced studies in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and Jewish and Christian writings from the Hellenistic and Roman periods

• the Institute of Social Sciences of Contemporary Religions (ISSRC), which examines contemporary religious phenomena from the viewpoint of the social sciences (sociology, migrations, psychology, etc) to which is attached the Observatory of Religions in Switzerland (ORS)

• the Institute of Religions, Cultures and Modernity (IRCM), which examines problems from the perspective of the human sciences with support from the social sciences (history of ideas and social practices, critical theory of institutions, comparative history of religions and civilizations, anthropology, sociology of culture, history of mentalities, cultural studies, etc)

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