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Faculty of Arts

Description, aims and objectives | Degrees awarded | Useful links

Faculty website in French
Faculty of Arts
University of Lausanne
UNIL - Dorigny
Anthropole - office 2051
CH-1015 Lausanne


Phone: ++41 (0)21 692 2978
Fax: ++41 (0)21 692 2905

Description, aims and objectives

The Faculty of Arts offers its students a wide range of classical disciplines: Philosophy, History, Languages (ancient and modern), Archaeology, History of Art. Other branches have been added, reflecting the broadening of human knowledge: history and aesthetics of cinema, information technology for human sciences, linguistics, history and religious studies.

Teaching in the Faculty of Arts aims to:

  • provide a strong grasp of contemporary realities and give meaning to the intellectual riches produced by humanity over the centuries;

  • impart the knowledge, methods and techniques necessary to practice the disciplines in question with the required scientific competence;

  • encourage the learning and practice of an interdisciplinary approach;

  • introduce students to research;

  • prepare students for careers in the fields of the human sciences, particularly teaching, communications and professions offered by cultural institutions and international organizations;

  • participate in continuing education in the fields it teaches and in the training of promising young academics.

Degrees awarded



  • Master of Arts

  • Master of Arts with specialisation in :
    - African Studies: texts and fieldwork
    - Arts and Switzerland: borders, territory, identities
    - Culture, Civilasation and Resurgences from the Middle Ages
    - Comparative European Languages and Literatures
    - Digital Humanities
    - Dramatic Art and Theater History
    - French and francophone studies in the European context
    - History of Culture: texts, images and society
    - History of Film Theory/Practices
    - History of the Book and Critical Edition
    - Literary Translation
    - New American Studies
    - Philosophy, Science and Society
    - Public Discourse and Communication Analysis
    - Research, Use and Exploitation of Historical Sources
    - Working in the Field of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

  • Master of Arts in the Study of Religions (with or without specialisation)

Masters of Advanced Studies


Useful links

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The Faculty’s Major Assets...

> training of the mind by which the student "learns to learn", encouraging a sense of responsibility and organization and opening the door to a wide range of professions

> an approach to teaching that develops critical thought, while cultivating open-mindedness as well as intellectual independence and autonomy

> a permanent interdisciplinary approach, enriched in particular by a wide range of different disciplines and combinations

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