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Section of Pharmacy


The School of pharmacy of the French-speaking part of Switzerland is composed of the Departments of Pharmacy of the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva. It prepares prospective pharmacists according to the various federal edicts governing examinations in pharmacy. As a result of the Convention signed by the education authorities of the universities of Geneva and Lausanne, the School of pharmacy of the French-speaking part of Switzerland is established in Geneva under the name of the School of Pharmacy of Geneva-Lausanne (EPGL).

In practical terms this means that:

Students can choose whether to enrol for the first year of their course in the University of Lausanne (Faculty of biology and medicine) or the University of Geneva (Faculty of science).

From the second year, students wishing to continue their pharmaceutical studies in the French-speaking part of Switzerland enrol in the University of Geneva. Their studies are organised according to the regulations operative in Geneva. The presentation of diploma assignments and the theoretical examinations (for the Diploma of pharmacy) take place in Geneva.

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