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Benoît Frund - Vice-Rector for "Sustainability and Campus"

Benoît Frund, aged 43, is beginning his second five-year term of office as Vice Rector for the sustainability policy alongside campus management and development.

Numerous campus development projects have been in preparation, particularly over the last five years, and now need to be progressed.

Sustainability is one of the Rectorate's primary objectives. UNIL's ambitious strategy covers not just infrastructure but also teaching and research, and involves putting sustainability at the very heart of its concerns. Numerous actions taken over the last five years have aimed to stimulate teaching and research on sustainability topics, position UNIL as a hub for thinking about this field and manage the institution's resource consumption more responsibly. The emphasis is now on building on the progress already achieved.

Vice-Rector for "Sustainability and Campus"
Université de Lausanne
Durabilité et Campus
UNIL - Centre
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CH-1015 Lausanne
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Head of unit "Sustainability and Campus".
Born on 8 November 1972 in Vevey. Married, two children.

Education, qualifications and professional career

Benoît Frund graduated from the University of Lausanne as a geographer in 1999. Even before obtaining his degree he began his professional career with an SME active in geo-informatics and development aid, becoming its director after two years. He then completed his education with various courses in business administration and management.

At the beginning of 2004 he returned to the UNIL as Deputy Administrative Director. Among the tasks assigned to him, he was responsible for leading a project to reorganise maintenance services which resulted in the creation of the Unibat service, which he headed from June 2006 to August 2011.

Benoît Frund drew up an inventory of the numerous environmentally-friendly measures already up and running on the campus, thereafter enhancing their value and expanding their remit. At the request of the Rectorate, he formed a working group comprising representatives of the entire university community to propose a UNIL sustainability initiative. This led in February 2010 to the formulation of an agenda 21 for the UNIL which proposes to adopt a strong sustainability policy in teaching, research and life on the campus.

In September 2011, he joined the new UNIL management team as Vice-Rector in charge of "Sustainability and Campus".

Other specialist areas and interests

Since 2002, Benoît Frund has been chairman of the organising committee of the Cully Jazz Festival, a post he occupies on a voluntary basis.

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Vice-recteur Benoît Frund

Benoît Frund, Vice-rector "Sustainability and Campus"

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