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Research in Health Psychology

Research done by CerPSa is carried out from a constructivist and critical theoretical-epistemological perspective. Research processes focus primarily on qualitative methods.


Modeling in Qualitative Health Psychology does not reduce the subject's experience to the unconscious, nor to objective and quantitative data, nor to institutional analysis. Rather it gives priority to an integrative approach within the complex field of health and illness. Models make use of the different currents of thought presently found in the constructivist paradigm: concrete and critical perspectives, historical-cultural, phenomenological, ethnomethodological, etc.


It should be noted that research carried out at CerPSa, while primarily centered on a constructivist and therefore qualitative epistemology, does not exclude quantitative research projects especially those build within coherent and logical connections between epistemology and methods.


CerPSa and its members maintain relationships with several partners at local, national and international levels.

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