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Exchange & UNIL e-mail

| Exchange webmail | Exchange on your computer, smartphone or tablet | UNIL e-mail with your private e-mail address | MailCleaner | Avoid phishing e-mails

From August 2014 onwards the UNIL will progressively switch to using Microsoft Exchange, a technology that will be deployed on our servers and gives users access on their Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet to:

  • their e-mail
  • their calendars
  • their address book
  • their tasks
  • their notes


Where to find the information you need, according to your profile (already migrated to Exchange or not)

Channel Content
Ci website, Exchange pages: where you are now (migrated accounts)
  • presentation of Exchange
  • setup instructions (new account)
  • help
Migration blog 2Exchange
  • project progression
  • migration dates (by groups)
  • information meetings
  • importation of older data
  • tips & useful resource
Ci website, Archives pages
(accounts that have not migrated yet)
  • presentation of the old webmail
  • setup instructions
  • help



Exchange webmail

  • (access all modules from a web browser) :
    • e-mail
    • calendars
    • address book
    • tasks
    • notes



Exchange on your computer, smartphone or tablet


Mac OS X 10.6 or later 


Windows 7 or later

iOS 7 or later (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

Android v4.4 or later





UNIL e-mail with your private e-mail address

Utiliser le mail de l'UNIL avec votre messagerie privée

If you choose to do so, you are entrusting your own data to companies that are external to the UNIL; this is why the Centre informatique does not offer any support regarding the utilisation of these websites and can in no means be held responsible for any kind of damage that were to happen due to your use of these websites.




MailCleaner: the antivirus and anti-spam filter

MailCleaner is an automatically active anti-spam system for your address. Each message is analysed and put in quarantine if it contains a virus or a security threat or is considered as spam.



Avoid phishing e-mails

A summary of the risks that phishing represents, of the measures undertaken by the UNIL to avoid it and of what you can do to help us fight against this scam:


UNIL e-mail

E-mail address :

Mailbox quota : 
2 GB for students
5 GB for staff

(2 Gb for accounts that have not been migrated to Exchange yet)

Verify your quota

Maximum size of attachments: 30 MB

All access to your UNIL e-mail (both sending and receiving) is secured by SSL.


Leaving the UNIL

Your account will be blocked 6 months after your departure from the UNIL..

Are you experiencing issues with your UNIL e-mail?

1. Check your configuration

2. Have a look at the documentation

3. Contact the help desk


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