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Exchange on Mac

How to set Exchange up on a Mac OS X computer | How to archive e-mails on your Mac

How to set Exchange up on a Mac OS X computer

The Ci strongly recommends the use of the native OS X apps.

1. In the "Mail" menu, select "Accounts..."

2. Click the “Exchange” icon


3. Fill in the fields with the required information (name, e-mail address and password) and click “Continue”


4. Click “Continue” once again


5. Select the Exchange services you wish to activate and click “Done” to finish the configuration


How to archive e-mails on your Mac

  1. Open the “Mail” application.
  2. Click the “+” button on the bottom left part of the window and select “New Mailbox.”


  1. Under “Location,” select “On My Mac.” Fill in the “Name” field with, for example, “Archive” and then click “OK.”


  1. Move messages or entire mailboxes from your UNIL Exchange account by dragging and dropping them to your new local archive mailbox. You can't archive more than 1'000 mails in a row (you may loose some mails in the process). Don't hesitate to contact our help desk if you have any questions.


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