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Many artists currently explore the scientific, technological and cultural developments of the 21st century and they are engaged in critical and ethical debates.
The intention of the AIL program is to share common goals, to broaden the dialogue, generate ideas and raise awareness of the contributions both artists and scientists can make to the larger challenges of our time. Providing a research environment where these experiments can take place makes all the difference.
The AIL co-operation with Swiss Science laboratories is a conscious attempt to encourage the development of the primary creative forces shared by both disciplines: the quest for interpretations of nature, matter and human desire as well as the interest to comprehend, explore, reveal, sustain, create and build.
the aims of the program
- to increase the levels of know-how transfer between art and science and further the potentials for collaboration between artists and scientists
- to give artists the opportunities to comment and reflect upon the implications and results of scientific research in relation to society
- to encourage the innovation potential of Swiss artists in the fields of new technological developments and applications as well as the potential to gain technical and scientific expertise
- to act as an agent between art and science in the public realm and further the understanding of each others methodologies of production
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 PDF of the program's presentation.

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