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Artists-in-labs 2009

Light Reaction - Dimensions of apparent invisibility | THE ARTIST | THE CIG AND THE HOSTING LAB | Partnerships

Light Reaction - Dimensions of apparent invisibility

In 2008 Prof. Fankhauser's lab hosted during 9 months the artist Sylvia Hostettler for a residency within the program Artists-in-Labs.

An installation by Sylvia Hostettler made at the CIG within this program.




Sylvia Hostettler resides and works in Bern. She participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad and received numerous awards. During a journey in 2005, Sylvia Hostettler developed the first chapter «Luxflabilis» of the project series «Landschaften»
(«Landscapes») while on a discovery tour of the forests of the Lower Engadine Valley in Switzerland.
With the «artists-in-labs» scholarship she is integrated in a research team at the Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG) of the Lausanne University in Switzerland for 9 months in 2008. There, she is developing the fourth chapter of Landscapes entitled «Light reaction – Dimensions of apparent invisibility».
Link to the artist's webpage :

PDF of the artist's presentation.


The Center for Integrative Genomics is a new department of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the UNIL. Besides its missions in research and in running technological platforms, the Center is very attached to its teaching mission, in particular with the
public at large. It is in this perspective that the CIG takes part in the artists-in-labs programme.
The laboratory of Professor C.Fankhauser investigates the molecular processes by which light modulates plant growth and development in order to optimize their growth depending on the environmental conditions. The members of the lab
work on the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, also called «arabette des dames» in french.
Link to the lab's website.

 PDF of the presentation.



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