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The teaching program

The teaching mission of the CIG is not only an important part of the teaching mission of the University of Lausanne, it is also an integral part of the research effort. Teaching contributes to a stimulating intellectual environment and to the development of students, many of whom participate directly in the research effort as part of a reasearch team.

The CIG faculty offers classes to undergraduate and graduate students, at the bachelor, master, and PhD levels. As the CIG is developing, the faculty is integrating their teaching efforts into a cohesive whole within the context of biology and medicine education at the University of Lausanne. Indeed, the CIG faculty is dedicated to the establishement of a first rate teaching program where students not only learn facts but also reasoning and logic in the biological and biomedical sciences, in large part through the reading of original litterature. Students form a part of every research group where they learn first hand how to design, execute, and interpret experiments, and how to present their results both orally and in written form. Graduate students participate in internal research group meetings, and in weekly seminars and meeting organized by the CIG, UNIL, and their partners. Students benefit from the interactive atmosphere of the CIG and indeed contribute to building this atmosphere through scientific exchanges as well as by promoting social interactions through sporting and other events!


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