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A PhD at the CIG: an integrative program

The CIG fosters an interactive and lively atmosphere, making the Institute an oustanding environment for PhD studies:

Integration in research:

The Center comprises groups working on diverse research topics and model systems and support facilities with cutting-edge technologies.

The CIG is part of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and has a network of collaborations with the neighbouring EPFL, the University of Geneva and many other national and international research centers.

Integration in education:

The enrichment of scientific knowledge is at the center of the programme through seminars, workshops (in collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics), conferences and symposia, and an annual institute retreat.

Specific training courses and tutorials in research methods are also an integral part of PhD education.

Integration in career support:

Support for PhD students is a priority of the Center. Thus the CIG has organized a special mentoring program for graduate students.

The CIG also has an active students and postdoctoral association - CIG Association Of Scientists (CAOS) - that organizes seminars, career guidance events and social activities!

The CIG and you : the voices of PhD students do matter at the CIG. Once enrolled, you will get the possibility to engage in the CAOS activities, to propose speakers for the seminars, to participate in "Science and Society" events, and to discuss with the CIG Scientific Advisory Committee.


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