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Group Leaders

Richard Benton

Béatrice Desvergne

Vincent Dion

Christian Fankhauser

Paul Franken

David Gatfield

Fisun Hamaratoglu

Nouria Hernandez

Winship Herr

Henrik Kaessmann

Liliane Michalik

Alexandre Reymond

Andrzej Stasiak

Mehdi Tafti

Bernard Thorens

Walter Wahli


The sequencing of the genome of man and that of an increasing number of other organisms has created enormous opportunities in the biological and biomedical sciences. We now have the genetic blueprints of these organisms, and thus the possibility to learn how to read them and understand how our bodies develop and function. It is in this exciting context that the CIG and its associated research groups within the Génopode are developing a research program dedicated to the study of genomes in the broadest sense.

The CIG has brought together interactive research groups that are at the forefront of their respective fields. Together, they perform research exploring three major areas:

  • The structure and function of genomes and their evolution.
  • The regulation of gene expression by the transcription machinery, chromatin structure, transcription factors, and signal transduction cascades.
  • The genomics of complex functions such as embryonic development, physiological functions in the context of the organism, and behavior.
  • To perform cutting edge research, the CIG is exceptionnally well equipped with state-of-the-art core facilities, which acquire and maintain the latest instruments and dispense training in the latest technologies.

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