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Core facilities

To perform cutting edge research in the biological and biomedical sciences, individual research groups depend more and more heavily on access to highly complex and expensive instruments, and, most importantly, to the know-how required to use such instruments. As a result, competitive research centers invariably provide core facilities to their researchers.
The CIG is exceptionally well equipped with state-of-the-art core facilities, which bring together inside and outside users. The core facilities acwuire and maintain the latest instruments, and dispense training in the latest technologies. The CIG, and CIG-associated core facilities within the Génopode building, include:

CIG Core Facilities

Associated Core Facilities


Mauro Delorenzi

Jean-Yves Chatton

Keith Harshman

Bernard Thorens

Manfredo Quadroni

Ioannis Xenarios

Olivier Michielin


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