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Lausanne Drosophila Meetings

An informal meeting series between the Lausanne Drosophila groups (Benton Lab, Kawecki Lab, Herr Lab (UNIL); Lemaitre Lab, Deplancke Lab (EPFL)).

Meeting 1: 15th January 2008

Richard Benton (Benton Lab)

Winship Herr (Herr Lab)

Nicolas Buchon (Lemaitre Lab)

Joep Burger (Kawecki Lab)

Meeting 2: 1st April 2008

David Welchman (Lemaitre Lab)

Dennis Pauls and Mareike Selcho (Stocker Lab, University of Fribourg)

Meeting 3: 16th June 2008

Tad Kawecki (Kawecki Lab)

Yaël Grosjean (Benton Lab)

Meeting 4: 21st November 2008

Sara Rodriguez-Jato (Herr Lab)

Vincent Croset and Raphael Rytz (Benton Lab)

Meeting 5: 25th February 2009

Ana Silbering (Benton Lab)

Jeremy Herren (Lemaitre Lab)

Bart Deplancke (Deplancke Lab)

Meeting 6: 23rd February 2010

Carol Gomez-Diaz (Benton Lab)

Sveta Chakrabarti (Lemaitre Lab)

Roshan Vijendravarma (Kawecki Lab)

Meeting 7: 13th April 2011

Vladimir Katanaev (Katanaev Lab, DPT-UNIL): Signaling by the Frizzled
family of receptors: G-protein-coupled mechanisms and targets

Michael Saina (Benton Lab, CIG-UNIL): Comparative molecular analysis of
the fly olfactory subsystems

Brian Hollis (Kawecki Lab, DEE-UNIL): Investigating the consequences of
sexual selection with experimental evolution

Juan Camilo Paredes (Lemaitre Lab, GHI-EPFL): Negative regulation shapes
the Drosophila antibacterial response and protects the fly from its own
immune system

Meeting 8: 11th December 2012

Thomas Flatt (Flatt Lab)

Lucia Prieto (Benton Lab)

Brian Hollis (Kawecki Lab)

Monica Albarca (Deplancke Lab)

Dani Osman (Lemaitre Lab)

Jennifer Ignatious Raja (Katanaev Lab)

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