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  • Génétique des modèles: drosophile (4h)
  • Génétique des modèles: travaux pratiques - drosophile (2x 3h)


  • Dynamic Cell Module: Cilia - cellular antennae in health and disease (4h)
  • Molecular Basis of Development and Evolution Module: Axes, appendages and evolution in Drosophila and beyond (14h)
  • Chemosensory perception: from gene to behaviour (16h)
  • Experimental Design Course
  • Science au carré - visite des labos (1h)

Masters in Molecular Life Sciences

  • Evolution and development of insects and plants (8h)
  • How to talk about your science (1h)
  • Write-a-review/write-a-fellowship course
  • Laboratory projects available normally each year for First-steps and Masters projects (also offered for the Masters in Medical Biology and Masters in Biology, Evolution and Conservation)

Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Programme

  • Richard Benton is the Director of the UNIL SUR programme
  • Laboratory projects normally available every year

External teaching

  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Neurobiology of Drosophila course: Olfactory physiology
  • University of Geneva BSc/Masters Chemosensation course: Invertebrate olfaction

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