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New CIG member? | Contact details | Useful information during your career at the CIG

New CIG member?

Presentation of the CIG to the new members
All you need to know if you are (going to become) parents:
Useful information if you are moving to Lausanne/Switzerland to start working at the CIG:

Contact details

Floor Administrative assistant Tel
2nd floor Julie Papet +41 21 692 3900
3rd floor Iris Marouani +41 21 692 3960
4th floor Nathalie Clerc +41 21 692 3920
4th floor Corinne Dentan +41 21 692 3930
5th floor Carine Dovat +41 21 692 4110
5th floor Stéphanie Scuderi +41 21 692 3980

Useful information during your career at the CIG

I am a new member at the CIG

I am from: EU+ EFTA

You do not need any visa to work in Switzerland, we will only need to announce your arrival to the local authorities, and on your side, you should inform the council of your presence and register to get a permis de séjour.

I am from: another country (Russia, China...)

Please get in touch with the Swiss embassy of your country to know the exact procedure depending on the job you got. On our side, we will provide you with the necessary documents (invitation letter..), and announce your arrival to the local authorities. In paralel, you will have to inform the council of your presence and register to get a permis de séjour.


Once you have signed the «Employment proposal » you will receive at home your definitive contract. Please sign both copies and bring one back to us. We will forward it to the Human Resources’ department and make a copy for future reference.


Please write a short introduction and select a picture of yourself that you will email to your secretary. You will then be part of the CIG community on our blog:


A Campus Card will be sent to either your secretary's office or your home address. Once received, your secretary needs the ID code to request the authorizations for you to access the different departments within the Génopode building. After this, please validate your card at a terminal: the nearest is at the entrance of the Amphimax building.

New member's meeting:

Every new member is invited to the information meeting organized by Julie Papet (Tel.: 3900, and Gilles Boss at the beginning of each month. For further information, please contact your group’s secretary.

Pension scheme:

Retraites Populaires: (assistants, students)
CPEV: (Prof., PAT)

We are getting married

Congratulations !

Inform your manager and your group secretary who will let you know how many additional days of paid holiday you can get for this event.
If you wish to celebrate it abroad, remember to inform your council in Switzerland:

Please provide a marriage certificate to your secretary as soon as possible so we can take it into account and inform the Human Resources department (your matrimonial status determines your tax rate).

Should you wish to change your name, please provide the council’s attestation to your secretary, and note your name will also be updated on the UNIL telephone directory.

I just got an accident / hurt myself

Get in touch with your secretary as soon as possible (or the Direction secretary in case of yours not being available: Julie Papet Tel.: 3900, room 2026) to get support in filling in the form (contract number, service center..)

Indeed, as long as you are working at least 20% part-time, your professional and private accidents are covered by the Bâloise insurance.

(Visiting professors, Professors Emeritus and guests working at the CIG but employed by another company are covered by the visitors’ insurance)


Minor accidents' form: no sickness leave involved or absence till 3 days

Accidents' form: imply a sickness leave longer than 3 days

We are expecting a child : pregnancy / adoption

Depending on your status, your type of contract, there might be differences between the procedures and rights.

This guide will help you getting general information:

Please inform your secretary of the situation as soon as possible so she or he can give you the correct information depending on your situation and status.
You will also have to provide a doctor’s certificate that will be forwarded to the Human Resources.

Further details about your rights and maternity leave will be sent directly to you at home.

I am changing bank / account number

To update your bank details:

Login on
Select the tab « Dossier Administratif »
Under your bank details, you can click on « signaler les erreurs » and fill in the form with the new account number, address and the date of change

I lost clothes / glasses / documents / mobile …

Wallets, mobiles, Ipad/Ipod (etc..), MP3, calculator, laptops, keys, jewelery, glasses, cash, and student cards (the IT Center will contact you as soon as they receive it) are collected at the Unibat department. Link to their website:

First of all, please fill in the form and if you do not hear from them, you can call Unibat on 2511.

Other belongings are left in a visible place or at the administrative office of the building where objects/clothes/notebooks were found. 

I lost my Campus Card / stolen / faulty

Campuscard's website:

Block your card to prevent evil-minded people to use it:

Block it yourself by login on
Tab « Dossier Administratif »
At the bottom of the page : « Blocage, Déblocage »
Click on the « bloquer » button and fill in the form
In the case you wish to unblock your card, click on the « débloquer » button that will appear instead.

Alternatively, you can also call 39 99 (if you are student) or 25 77 (for employees) to declare the card missing.


Getting a new Campus card:

Get a new card from the IT Center (Amphimax, at the Reception desk)
This will cost you 25,-
The money that was on the card at the time you blocked it will be transferred to the new one. We therefore strongly encourage you to block it as soon as it goes missing.


Faulty Campus card:

If you are having troubles with your card (not working any longer, or experiencing random issues)
Go on
Tab « Dossier Administratif »
At the bottom of the page : « Erreurs »
Click on the « Signaler les erreurs» button and fill in the form

Alternatively, you can look for support at the main desk, 2nd floor, in the Amphimax (on your left, before the CI help desk)

I am looking for information about (early) retirement
I am / my child is sick

Please inform your manager and the group secretary as soon as possible, and provide them with an absence form upon your return.

Depending on your status, some days off are granted for taking care of your sick child at home. Your secretary will be able to give you further details depending on your situation.

Medical certificates are mandatory above 3 days of sick leave - however absence sheets are mandatory at anytime (sickness, holiday, overtime catching up..)

I would like to start a part-time job elsewhere

This concerns part-time employees who wish to start another activity during their time out of the CIG.

Your hierarchy will need to agree to this before you receive at home the authorization to start a second part-time job. Please fill in the form and give it to your secretary in order to start the procedure.

I lost a member of my family / close person

Depending on your status, your manager can grand you a few days off to attend the funeral and deal with the paperwork. 

Your group's secretary can also inform you about your rights.

The usual form will have to be filled in to confirm the absence's authorisztion.

I am leaving the CIG / moving abroad

I am leaving my job at the CIG: 

Contact your group secretary to know the legal delays related to your status/situation.
Give your resignation to your manager. Please note that if you have a temporary job (CDD) the manager has to give his agreement, otherwise you cannot leave before the end date of your contract.
Insurance: Your new pension scheme will contact you to get the previous one’s details in order to take over your savings and rights until now. This is called « libre passage ».


I am moving abroad:

Some general advice can be found on
- Council:  Inform the Service de la Population of your moving and provide a copy of their attestation to all your service providers (internet, mobile phone, tax office, ..)

Insurance :
- Retraites Populaires : assistants, students
- CPEV : Profs, PAT

I would like to have professional purchase refunded

Upon request or agreement from your manager, you may have to purchase items yourself and request then to be refunded.


Please use the following form:

- Complete your personal and bank details and sign the form

- Tape the relevant proves of purchase on a simple white sheet

- Bring all the documents to your secretary who will take care of the refund after your PI or manager has approved it by signing the document.


I want to take a holiday

Your secretary is keeping record of your holiday allocation, so feel free to contact her to get an update about how many days are left for you to take.

You can either talk to your manager about the dates first and then bring him the absence form formerly filled in and have him sign it, or do it all at once.

Then, the document should be passed on your secretary group who will keep a record of it.

Génopode - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 39 00