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Abstracts & Lectures

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Main lecture presentations

Opening lecture

Impact of conjugate pneumococcal vaccine on pneumococcal pneumonia:implications for pandemic influenza preparedness.

Keith Klugman,Atlanta, USA

Klugman_1.pdf  (1515 Ko)

Physiology and pathogenicity factors of S. pneumoniae

Pneumococcal fratricide: possible impact on horizontal gene transfer and virulence.

Leiv Sigve Håvarstein, As, Norway

S.Havarstein.pdf  (4599 Ko)

Pneumococcal peptidoglycan hydrolases: from phage to bacteria (or vice versa).


Ernesto García,Madrid, Spain

Ernesto_Garcia.pdf  (1461 Ko)

Antimicrobial resistance of S. pneumoniae

A fresh look at the definition of susceptibilityof Streptococcus pneumoniae to beta-lactamantibiotics.

Daniel Musher,Houston, USA

D.Musher.pdf  (2222 Ko)

Update on macrolide resistance.


Josefina Liñares, Barcelona, Spain

J._linares.pdf  (324 Ko)

Resistance to fluoroquinolones and fitness cost.


Keith Klugman, Atlanta, USA

K.Klugman_2.pdf  (587 Ko)

Relationship between antimicrobial resistance and virulence.

Jefferey Weiser, Philadelphia, US

J.Weiser.pdf  (2354 Ko)

Clinical management and epidemiology of S. pneumoniae
Nasopharyngeal colonisation.

Helena Mäkelä, Helsinki, Finland

H._Makel.pdf  (240 Ko)

Serotypes replacement.

Ron Dagan, Beer-Sheva, Israel

R._Dagan.pdf  (47 Ko)


Ake Örtqvist, Stockholm, Sweden

A._Ortqvist.pdf  (2328 Ko)

Treatment of multidrug resistant S. pneumoniae.

Javier Garau, Barcelona, Spain

J._Garau.pdf  (627 Ko)

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