Abstracts & Lectures

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Opening lecture

Some lessons and considerations in dealing with Helicobacter pylori

Peter Malfertheiner, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, DE

pdf   P._Malfertheiner_intro.pdf  (6375 Kb)


Antimicrobial Resistance Session

Molecular aspects of resistance

Teresa Alarcon, Hospital de la Princesa, Madrid, Spain

pdf   T._Alarcon.pdf  (4501 Kb)

European multicenter study on H. Pylori susceptibility

Youri Glupczynski, Mont-Godinne University Hospital UCL, Yvoir, BE

pdf   Y._Glupczynski.pdf  (1786 Kb)

When and how to perform susceptibility testing

Manuel Lopez-Brea and Teresa Alarcon, Hospital de la Proncesa, Madrid, ES

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Clinical Impact of resistance and future concepts in the treatment of H. pylori infections

Franco Bazzoli, Bologna University, Bologna, IT

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Pathogenesis Session

Pathogenesis and carcinogenesis of H. Pylori

Steffen Backert, Dublin University College, Dublin, IE

pdf   S._Backert.pdf  (7493 Kb)

The importance of VacA in human infection

John Atherton, Nottingham University, Nottingham, UK

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Cancerogenesis of H. pylori

Francis Mégraud, University Hospital Pellegrin, Bordeaux, FR

pdf   F._Megraud.pdf  (21652 Kb)

Neonatally acquired immunological tolerence to H. pylori infection prevents gastric immunopathology and protects against allergic airway hyper responsivness and asthma

Anne Müller, University of Zürich, Zürich, CH


Clinical Issues

Extra-gastic manifestation of H. pylori

Leif P. Anderson, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, DK

pdf   L._P._Andersen.pdf  (911 Kb)

H. pylori related strategies in the prevention of gastric cancer

Peter Malfertheiner, Otto-von-Guericke University, Madgeburg, DE

pdf   P._Malfertheiner.pdf  (6361 Kb)

Probiotics in the treatment of H. pylori

Torkel Wadström, Lund University, Lund, SE

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Monday short presentations

Antimicrobial susceptibilityof H. pylori isolated from treatment-naive patients 2008-2009

pdf   1_L._A._Levik.pdf  (63 Kb)

Antibiotic resistance and failure of eradication of H. pylori in Egypt

pdf   2_R._Hafez.pdf  (1735 Kb)

Pevalence and distribution of virulence factor dupA gen among Spanish H. pylori clinical isolates

pdf   5_A._Somodevilla.pdf  (869 Kb)

Is it possible to inhibit the adhesion of H. pylori?

pdf   7_L._Rasmussen.pdf  (234 Kb)


Wednesday short presentations

Helicobacter species DNA in gallbladders with cholesistis  and cholelithiasis

pdf   3_P._Karagin.pdf  (485 Kb)

The diagnosis and genetic determination of H. pylori infection in adult dyspeptic patients in a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan

pdf   4_A._Khalid.pdf  (211 Kb)

New technology to detect asymptomatic H. pylori infected patients

pdf   5_A._Mohammed.pdf  (710 Kb)

H. pylori infection

pdf   6_M._Izadi.pdf  (289 Kb)

Detection on latent and lytic transcripts pf EBV virus in patients with gastroduodenal diseases: a study from northern India

pdf   7_S.Shukla.pdf  (4560 Kb)

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