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Additional modules

Additional courses

The intensive courses take place in the morning (8.45 am to 12.00 pm). In the afternoon you can attend additional courses, according to your level.

Course Level Fee
Multimedia Center all free
Lectures from B1 free
Pronunciation exercises from A1 250 CHF
Grammar exercises from B1 250 CHF
Writing exercises from B1 250 CHF

 Important :

  1. The pronunciation, the grammar and the writing exercises share the same schedule. You may only enrol in one of them.
  2. These courses are only open to students enrolled in the intensive courses of the Cours de vacances. They cannot be taken separatly.
  3. The spaces in the pronunciation, grammar and writing exercices are very limited, enrol as early as possible.
  4. No reimbursement will be made in case you cancel your enrolment in one of the afternoon courses.
 inside this site:

Enrolment and payment deadline:

December 17th 2014

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